About us

Xiamen East Ocean, founded in 1997, have two factories. One is Xiamen East Ocean Fishery Co., Ltd., which is located at Lunshang Industrial Zone, Houxi Town, Jimei District, Xiamen, China. The other is Xiamen East Ocean Foods Co., Ltd., which is located on No.159, 9 Meihe Road, Foods Light Industrial Zone, Tong’an District, Xiamen, China. It covers more than 30,000sqm, freezing capacity is 15,000MTs and registered capital is CNY47,260,000. A complete set of HCCP, EU registration, HALAL, QS and ISO22000 quality and safety system are established well, with an integrated operating model of procurement, production and supply.

The main products are frozen octopus(flower octopus), boiled octopus(madako), octopus slice, octopus cut(tako wasabi, tako karaage, tako tatsutage), octopus ball(takoyaki), octopus ball with skewer, octopus cake(okonomiyaki), seasoned baby octopus(chuka IIdako) and other seasoning products such as seasoned fish roe(tobiko, masago), seasoned seaweed(chuka wakame), seasoned jellyfish(chuka kurage). The volume of annual export production is more than 3,000 tons, exported to more than 40 countries and regions like Japan, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, which ends up earning 20 million US dollars of annual foreign exchange.

HACCP registration in 2004, EU registration in 2008, ISO22000 certification in 2010, awarded successively the title of ‘Fujian fishery industrialization leading enterprise’ from 2007 to 2010, rated as ‘high-tech enterprises’ in 2008.

The Factories are close to the North Station of Xiamen Railway and take 30 minutes to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, where the traffic is quite convenient.

You are wholeheartedly welcome to our company by all of us.