R & D strength


At present, taurine is mainly processed by chemical synthesis, fermentation, enzymatic hydrolysis and other traditional processesat home and abroad, whose drawbacks are the inherent toxicity, long time, complex equipment, troublesome operation, low value, serious environmental pollution, bringing difficulty to the production of taurine. Extraction of natural taurine from natural products, especially from the aquatic products with marine biological activity of pure natural taurine has been an important research issues among the national experts and scholars.

Mr. Zhang Yurong, the president and researcher of Xiamen East Ocean Foods co., Ltd., has engaged in aquatic products business for 45 years. Tens of millions of octopus offal are abandoned to the sea is both a waste of resources and pollution to the waters every year, Mr. Zhang recalled sadly that3000-5000 tons octopus offal only from his own factory with an investment CNY20 million established were abandoned from 2003 to 2006. And after the determination ,these octopus offal is rich in eighteen Amino acids up to 39.86% that human need, rich in the significant health-care factor---natural taurine up to 1% (1030mg / 100g) that can extend human life with anti-fatigue and anti-aging, making waste into treasure and benefiting mankind.

Mr. Zhang has personally set up scientific research team, taking their own innovation path and brainstorming. And it took less than a-year hard work to finally develop six patents of ‘the use of membrane separation from extraction of natural taurine from octopus offal’by reading the references, checking the data and doing the tests day in and day out. (Hereinafter referred to as ‘membrane technique’ with six patents in the back page). The ‘membrane technique’ to extract natural taurine has not only solved the waste of resources, environmental pollution problems, but also filled gaps in aquaculture processing industry at home and abroad, laying the prospects of project development.

The patent ‘membrane technique’ invented by Mr. Zhang will benefit his own factory 50 tons of crystals of natural taurine each year, the purity level is up to 98.8% (national standard is of 98.5%), exporting price with $ 300 per kilogram, the annual foreign exchange earnings reach to 15 Million dollars, the output value reaches to 120 million yuan, 50% profit margins, finally obtain the high-profit invention patent by turning waste into treasure, which brings major business opportunities to the enterprises. Mr. Zhang, both a virtuous exceptional entrepreneur and a fruitful professional inventor for scientific research, has invented six projects with unique creative patents in a year, which is a rare phenomenon in science.