R & D strength

Octopus, Latin name: Octopus Vulgaris, mainly produce in Morocco, Africa (about 110,000 tons per year) and China's Fujian coast (about 10000 tons per year), rich in health-care factor which is ableextend human life, 2-Aminoethanesulfonic acid (also known as taurine, molecular formula: C2H7NO3 S, Structural formula:H2N -CH2 - CH2 - SO3H), its content is one of the highest levels of all aquatic products.

Xiamen East Ocean Foods Co., Ltd., using high-tech marine biotechnology to refine high-quality octopus series products, has obtained series of refined octopus patents such as the whole octopus processing, octopus cut, octopus slice, octopus cake with skewers etc. Octopus processing technology and production technology are introduced from Kawaman Suisan Co.,Ltd. Japan who has been in the international advanced level for sixty years. It is based on the introduction of digestion, absorption, innovation and improvement. The raw material of octopus is trawled in the deep-sea non-polluting area of Fujian FAO61, nearly forty R-T-E health-care food with high-quality such as baking octopus ball, octopus tablet, octopus cut, octopus cake etc has been self-developed with various specifications and processes of dehydration enrichment, blanching enrichment, cold storage in low temperature etc.This series of food has been tested out of amino acids up to 39.86% from 18 products, taurine up to 1000mg / 100gand some products are as high as 1950mg / 100g, which is the best health-care food to lower cholesterol, soften blood vessels, blood pressure. So more than 120,000 tons of octopus vulgaris by the Japanese from China and Morocco every year, and made into health care products for the public to eat. According to the Japanese citizen, as long as 100 grams per day, free from high blood pressure. On this basis, the series of high nutritional value taurine will be extracted from the octopus offal like gut, tail and eye etc with high technological skill by using the principle of marine biotechnology engineering. The emergence of the series of products has revealed the mystery of longevity in Japan (with an average life expectancy up to 82 years old, 100 years old up to 2-3 million people, ranking No.1 in the world), which also has an significant impact on people’s health and longevity, especially brings the gospel forthose 180 million patients with hypertension.