R & D strength

Octopamie, formula: C8H11NO2, directly extracted from the octopus offal (gut, tail, neck, eye etc.) full of bioactive,is not to be compared withthe one from chemical synthesis. Octopamie has a special function and pharmacological effect to to regulatingmetabolism and maintaining blood balance etc., also is the specific medicine for the current prevention and treatment of type 2diabetes and obesity, which will bring the gospel to 180 million diabetics and hundreds of millions of obesity. Octopus is abundant in the world's waters,with a variety of 142 species and annual production of about 1.5 million tons. There are also 7-8 species of valuable octopus in the southeast coast of China, which make up a third of the world's annual output with the annual output of octopus vulgaris more than 10,000 tons a year.
Xiamen East Ocean Food Co., Ltd is the largest export base of octopus (octopus vulgaris) in Fujian Province. Octopus offal from the annual export of high-quality octopus products (including gut, eye, neck, tail etc.) is about 5000 tons, which has been tested with natural octopamine 941-1200mg / 100g.After researching for years, bioactive octopamie has been extracted from those octopus offal with purity reaching to more than 95%, this invention fills the gap in aquaculture processing industry, both saves the resources, optimize the environment, and benefits human beings, finally achieve the purpose of turning waste into treasure.