Seafood imports and exports of the new pattern of cold storage of seafood cold chain to be targeted

Release time: 2017-04-21

According to the statistics of the relevant data departments show that high value-added fresh water products in 2016 performed well, whether domestic or export, sales and prices above have significant growth. The Chinese Library Construction in 2016, frozen seafood refrigeration refrigeration facilities than in 2015 has increased greatly, especially in the coastal areas of Zhejiang such as Ningbo, Wenzhou and other seafood resource rich areas such as Fuyang, Jinhua and other regions of the cold chain transportation warehousing and transportation service area.

In addition to changes in export structure, China has changed in the pattern of seafood imports and exports. China Refrigeration library learned at the beginning of 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "notice on Further Strengthening the implementation of" domestic fishing of marine fishery resources total control and management "on the adjustment of marine fishing system notice" provisions, China in 2020 the total marine fishing yield reduced to less than 10 million tons, the National Marine Fishing Yajian 20 thousand motor fishing boats. This also means that the amount of Chinese imported seafood will also be with the people's consumption level and the increase of fresh products increased demand is rising, which according to the forecast, the FAO in 2030, Chinese market seafood consumption will account for 38% of total global consumption.

For example, processing and export of aquatic products of Jilin province in 2016, showing a different kind of prosperity, mainly due to the superior geographical position of Jilin Province, bordering with Russia has become an important entrance connecting Russia and other countries. Therefore, for the import and export of seafood products enterprises, China Refrigeration library recommendations according to the comprehensive consideration of the region, variety, policy and other aspects of the building or renting facilities storage facilities, to ensure the freshness of fresh products, prolong the shelf life of fresh products, domestic and foreign sales to achieve better.