Lobster in recent years become a popular seafood market in China, the market is huge

Release time: 2017-04-21

Compared with the huge success of today's seafood market in China, more than and 10 years ago, almost no lobster. Whether in restaurants or families, lobster are almost untraceable. Today, however, the rapid development of society, the situation has undergone a dramatic reversal. In the end how much change? Import data can be explained, in 2016 China imported a total of $529 million worth of frozen and fresh lobster products.

Why is China so much demand for lobsters? The answer lies in social transformation and increasing purchasing power, just as many developing countries have developed rapidly. It is worth mentioning that China's growing middle class, in order to meet their own needs, more and more to buy "Daily" luxury.

An American lobster company (located in one of the major U.S. seafood exports in the state of Maine) Stephanie Nadeau owners agree to this trend. "It's a luxury that people can afford," Stephanie Nadeau told The Associated Press. "One of my clients said that our lobsters are one of the cheapest things in a fresh water tank".

China now has 109 million people in the middle class, more than the population of many developed countries. By 2022, more than half of China's 1 billion 350 million people will join the ranks of the middle class. By the end of 2017, the average annual salary is expected to exceed $10700. As the largest economy in Asia, the number of consumers of high-end seafood in China continues to increase as incomes rise.

Which lobster suppliers are leading in China?

China's new boom in lobster and crustaceans means keeping China's supply adequate and the need for global suppliers. Although part of the seafood products, in addition to domestic producers such as local procurement in China, most of China's crustacean shellfish suppliers from overseas.

New Zealand is a well deserved leader in this particular market. Lobster, especially crayfish, is the largest New Zealand's largest export products, its exports to China in 2016 amounted to $219 million.